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The next generation of buying and selling textbooks has arrived; discover the student-to-student textbook marketplace platform that makes selling your old textbooks as easy as scanning a barcode and setting a price.
List in seconds by simply scanning a book barcode.
Secure Payments
Securely pay for books and receive payments from book sales.
Instant Communication
Chat instantly with book buyers and sellers.

The No-BS Way To Buy & Sell Textbooks.

Overpaying for textbooks and receiving peanuts in return for them just a few months later is now a thing of the past with Alexandria. Buy textbooks cheaper, get more for them when you sell. Make bank. Save bank. Win Win.

Pay Securely, Receive Securely.

Alexandria is the only textbook exchange application to offer secure payment processing and receiving all without ever leaving the app. Pay instantly as a buyer and receive the funds from your book sales. And the best part? We don't take any portion of your final book sales!

Being a student is hard, selling your used textbooks shouldn't have to be.

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